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Q: Why students have no interest for study?

A: The reason is that their consciousness is blocked. Their minds are not dirty but empty. The mind has to be filled with knowledge. The teacher, master or guru opens the blockage. He has the power to open the chakras in the body by his will-power, by giving his ‘knowledge’ to the students.

When the student gets ‘the self of the teacher’ in their self then the blockage of ignorance is removed permanently. Then there will be an interest for study. He or she will choose ‘what I want to be in my life.’ He or she will choose their careers.

Q: How to increase love for study?

A: Again ‘consciousness’ is that which removes the darkness and brings the light in the mind. Then the love will increase as ‘the self of teacher’ goes in the self of student in the form of knowledge, and ‘love’ for study will increase. If you know what is good and that is your need, then the love has to increase for it is natural.

If you really love the teacher then the knowledge becomes like the attraction of a beautiful flower, then the love for study will increase.

Q: Why students are disinterested in school?

A: Consciousness is blocked due to many reasons: 1) Friendship with bad boys/girls who have no interest in study; 2) No respect for their father, mother and teacher; 3) No fear of God; 4) Negative thoughts; 5) No respect for their own self.

If you find mistakes in a teacher then you are mentally awakened, then you will see only mistakes as powerful source of argument within yourself, then the balance changes, and you will never get the knowledge.

Q: Why everyone does not get success in their life?

A: There is blockage between a person and the consciousness. The person has to remove the blockage. He or she can’t remove by himself or herself. This work is of the teacher. All students must receive the ‘self of teacher’ in their self. This work is of the teacher, master or guru. So the best solution to remove blockage is to go in front of ‘teacher’ and ‘hear’. Give a birth ‘to hear’ then give a birth ‘to practice’ at home, then give a birth ‘to stay’ in the knowledge, then you will have success in this life. Any one of these that is missing brings the unsuccessful in their life.

Example: Leave home, cross the distance of the road, then you reach the school, then in a class you do the work of ‘hear’ from the teacher in alignment, means the body, mind and soul be in one place in hearing the lecture of teacher. This is the secret door for success. This is the key of success all students must know. Any one step is missing can’t get the key of success.

Q: Why it is necessary to go to school and attain knowledge?

A: All students do not have ‘the self’ of knowledge. The self of knowledge stays in the ‘self of teacher’. All students must receive ‘the self of teacher’ in their self. This is the secret key of knowledge. Here students make the mistake. I should not attend this class. I don’t like this teacher. He doesn’t teach properly. I can’t understand, so the student loses the self of teacher, the self of teacher is the self of knowledge. The student doesn’t know the secret then makes a very big mistake. He or she misses the class or school day. Someone needs to help them and make them realize it is a very big mistake.

The self of knowledge is the wisdom. If this is lost then the blockage will come and the consciousness is hidden, then the level of interest in knowledge decreases.

If you want to increase your interest in knowledge then do not miss a day and do not miss any period of study in the class.

As much as ‘the self of teacher’ is received, so outstanding success is achieved in life.

Q: Why many children do not have interest to attend school?

A: What I will get from school, answers to this they don’t have. Students don’t realize I am capable, I can do it and I can get success in study.

Lack of self realization, what I want to be in the life they don’t know. Parents do not ask from child what you want to be in your life. Student has no aim or goal in their life.

Student does not have proper knowledge, no value of school, and neither mother nor father gives the knowledge or value of study, neither relative nor friend gives to each other. Friends circle of bad persons who are a failure in their life give very bad influence not to go for study, saying that there are no jobs when you complete study.

Interest means need, why you should go to school.

Why children have interest in video games, TV shows and gossiping, it’s because they get the ‘self of creator’ in such activities, that is the main reason. How to do and how to play and make oneself occupied, attraction gives confidence that I can do it, I am capable and I know how to finish the game. The mind enjoys and they feel happy.

In the school, children do not get the ‘self of teacher’ in their self. Therefore they do not get interest to go to school. In the class the body is there but the mind is somewhere else. No love for teacher means no love for study.

Q: Why many do not make up their mind to choose a career?

A: Love is not established fully of very essence in the self of student. What they want to be. No knowledge, no vision, no hope. Very essence is oneness and oneness has the mission for success. Mission is full of knowledge, that is the self of teacher and the self of knowledge. The self of student has to give the assignment of mission to the mind: I want to be this, then you have to finish the work associated with it, the mind will work to complete the mission.

Six-Point Formula

1) You have to leave home; 2) Reach the school in time; 3) Then in the class; 4) Do the work to ‘hear and learn’ from the teacher; 5) Then leave the school; 6) Reach back home. This is the complete cycle. This is called the one unit of karma. This karma is the money of success. In other words as much knowledge you have that much you are rich in the knowledge. When exams come, question comes, and then you can pay the price of question by money of success, in writing a big cheque on answer paper.

So you have to start to make money of karma in your school days for success. You can make as much money you want of karma, you can make at home also by revising, understanding and realizing the homework of study. Each of the karma gives the money and gives the success all in advance.

If no karma is done by you then no success is for you.

For success in the life six points must follow the steps. Anyone step missing brings the flaw in it.

Success is in everyone’s hand, you hold it or lose it, it is your choice.