Universal Hidden Messages

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He = High Energy

She = Super High Energy

Loss = Lost of Self Soul or Supreme Soul

Profit = Progress ‘real of future’ in time

Help = Have endless love (and) peace or have eternal love (and) peace

Bliss = Best love is Supreme Self or Self Soul

Problem = Put real of best love (and) efforts mutual

Bless = Best love (is of) eternal Self Soul or Best love (is of) eternal Supreme Self

Heart = Highest energy at real truth

God = Go over death

Is = Is Soul

Love = Life of very essence

Soul = Self of universal light

Self = See eternal life fully

Life = Love is full established

World = Witness of real life (and) death

America = Absolute, my eternal realization is consciousness Atman

USA = United Self Atman

The proof you can see on each dollar note of America, ‘We trust in God’.