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Ramesh T. Narwani was born on August 25, 1952 at BandraMumbai, India. His Master was Sindhi, Sat Chit Anand Swami Parmanand Sahib (Asrani). He said in Sindhi, Bharat Braham Bhumi Aahe, which means India is the land of Self knowledge. The word India gave the inspiration to write the book, ‘God is Love’. When first Universal hidden Message came from India word as Inter Nationals Deepavali is Atma, thereafter I received all the hidden messages of Universe from God is Love.

After publishing One Book God is Love, ‘I Am the Self’ has come out after the realization of God is Love sentence. Revision and revising the subject gave birth to new 73 sentences cum formula of God is Love. These steps are full of Universal hidden Message of God is Love series with the bonus of Divine Reflections. Every time I read it, it is a blissful experience and beautiful knowledge of the Self. You and I are the same, everyone’s life is of I am and that is one of peaceful, everlasting infinite of oneness.

How amazing steps are for the mind to go and sit in the life of oneness. This human birth is allowed to have the Supreme Bliss of oneness, which all must find before death of this life. This knowledge is the property of this world and it will remain in this world for future seekers who will take liberation on this beautiful earth. Whoever will receive or whoever will give and share this knowledge to the seekers, He or She is the best one with the Supreme Soul.

I bow my head to whom this knowledge of ‘I Am the Self’ shines in the heart. I have no words but to say ‘You are great’.

‘Do Your Work’ is the fifth book of God is Love series with the bonus of Divine Reflections. This knowledge is the property of this world, and it is for all to have in their own life. Do your work is a must. This is the final Universal hidden Message of God is Love.

Everyone wants success in this life but all do not get success. The reason is that one has to be a mother of success and give birth to success. Success is like a child. This is my child as you claim, because it is given birth by your love. Similarly, you can’t claim success if you have not given birth with love to your work.

Work is God because the knowledge is God. With the knowledge and with the self of teacher in the knowledge, success is attained. How do you eat? You take the food in the hand and put in the mouth, not in the nose or ear. Like that you eat and all eat the food the same way. All get the success to kill the hunger in daily life. Complete knowledge of work is the blessings of ‘God is Love’.