God Is Love

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God is Love

‘God is love’ is a beautiful subject to learn in your life, before you die. The name of God is great and Love is a wonderful experience of bliss. God’s grace is bliss, the picture of unconditional love. When you realise this, then you get the realization of bliss in the Self. This is a key of God is love.

When you read ‘God is love’ then becomes the book language. Book can give you the address but not the directions. Book can give you knowledge but not the life of it. Book can give you the light but not the vision of the eyes – the self of universal light.

Again I repeat, ‘God is love’ is a gorgeous subject. If you get a bona fide Mercy Master in your life then you are ‘blessed’ forever. All success of the life will run after you.

See in the world all people are running after five assets of the life that is money, property, health, wealth and success. Some are mad after those, some make sin to achieve those, some rob, kill and snatch other belongings, some work hard and some pay the heavy price to learn, but all do not get all of those things together.

Some get more money but not the health, some get more property but can’t use it, some get health but can’t control on the senses, some get wealth but not the happiness and some get success but not the peace of mind in the life.

Mercy Master is the key of all success. Once you get in your ‘life’ then you are very lucky all five assets you get easily in your life. Complete happiness gives the ‘liberation’ that brings out from the cycle of birth and death. The Soul finds the rest, oneness with the Supreme Soul.

God is love is not two, but ‘one’.