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How I was inspired to write “God is Love”

Namaste! To all of you this is a welcome greeting from India which gave me the inspiration to write the book, God is Love. The word India is itself the knowledge of the self. We call it “Braham Vidya” which means the education of the self.

I am Sindhi, I got all my school education in Sindhi language and my spiritual Guru (Master) was Sindhi. Many times he said to me in Sindhi language and I remember those words, “Bharat Braham Bhumi Ahee” which means India is the land of self-knowledge.

One day I asked from my own self, if India is the land of self-knowledge then the word India must be of the self-knowledge. How is that? And the self gave me answer in the heart.

“Inter Nationals Deepavali is Atma”. I didn’t understand but then I asked the explanation.

As Deepavali comes one time in a year we call it “Diwali”. In those days everyone put oil lamps inside and outside the house then you see all over the houses with shining of the lights, like that Deepavali is celebrated in India.

Same way, all humans have a burning lamp of Atma (means the Soul) in the body; also animals, birds, reptiles, trees, plants all have the soul in their bodies respectively. The Soul leaves and the body falls or die.

So the word India gives the hidden message of the Universe as Inter Nationals Deepavali is Atma, all the time as long as the sun, moon and the earth exist in the universe. This is the self-knowledge of the word India.

I found the way but still I remain unknown of it. As it says when the right time comes then the secret is revealed.

After a long time I asked what is God? How shall I see with my mind? Then the answer I got ‘Go Over Death’ and see. Still I didn’t understand, and then I asked what Love is, as I was in my teenage years. I got the answer ‘Life Of Very Essence’. Still I didn’t understand, and then I came to work in the Caribbean in the island of St. Maarten.

One day I became very ill and went by bus to the doctor. I saw “God is Love” written above the driver’s seat, then I remembered God as Go Over Death and Love as Life Of Very Essence, then I got the very first sentence in the head – Go over death is life of very essence – then I remembered also that India has the sentence of Inter Nationals Deepavali is Atma.

I then realized the sentence I got from the spelling of a word. The self gave me all the explanation by the measurement of the word, then my mind saw it the road. A sentence is in a word that is Hidden Universe Message of the Divine Self, then I asked what is “is” of the centre of God and Love. I got instant replay as “is Soul”.

Now I had further light as “go over death is soul life of very essence”, but I didn’t know what the Soul means, then I asked and the reply I got was “self of universal light”.

Then I asked what the Self is? I got the reply as “see eternal life fully”, then I asked finally what the Life is? He said where “love is full established” there is a life.

Thereafter I put the entire sentence on one page and saw it carefully. It took many days to finish the work. Finally I got 73 sentences from the one sentence: God is Love.

I wrote but I couldn’t understand what I had written, then I went to the Father of Angelo Church, Front Street, St. Maarten to Pastor Anthony and gave to him the article I had written. He said to me, give him seven days.

After the seven days I saw him and asked, “Did you understand what I had researched”. He said, “Yes I understand, it is very good”. I asked if people will understand, he said no. Then I became very angry and said “shall I throw in the sea near by the church?” He said “wait for the time and then you will have to explain to the people”. I left unhappy and went back to work.

At night I recalled what he had said to me. “Wait for the time” and “you will have to explain the people”. So I saw “the path” what to do thereafter. I gave Him thanks in the heart because I got the further way as to what to do.

Next day, very early in the morning I got up and asked from the Self and the Self worked with me. He became my spiritual guide and I was writing what He said to me to write.

Like that “Learn God is Love, Know God is Love and Realise God is Love with Divine Reflections” came out.

I want to give many more thanks to my friend, Suresh Balram, from Trinidad and Tobago who edited all the work of my book.

Now the book is in front of you. Hope all will enjoy.