Ramesh Narwani's Biography

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I Ramesh Narwani, born on August 25, 1952 at Mumbai, India;

Studies: School degree in Sindhi language.

In my school days at the age of 11 my mother took me at 3.30 pm to meet teacher. I remembered it was New Moon Day.  When I reach teacher’s place [Ashram] Shri Parmanand Bhandar at Khar-Mumbai, India, my mind changed, I got some indescribable peace in my heart. When I saw the teacher I became devotee of him.

When I came out from the Ashram [his house] I feel same restless mind. The next day I went I received same peace in evening time at the Ashram. The teacher used to go for walk to Juhu Beach and I get chance to see him.

Many days Gardner didn’t come to give water, then someone said could you give water to plants, as I was the only little one among all aged. When I gave water to plants I enjoyed uncountable bliss [Anand]. I was receiving a lot of Seva [selfless service], broom, mop the floor and clean the way. Within a few weeks my name went to teacher. He called me ‘Ramu’.

When I was in 8th Grade, I asked could I get ‘Naam’ [secret word] from you. I want to be your disciple. He was pleased and said bring flowers and coconut. At the age of 14 I got his blessing and he becomes MY MASTER. His name was Braham-Nishth, Braham-Shrotri Sat Chit Anand Swami Parmanand Sahib [Asrani]. I got new birth in spiritual. He was originally from Shikarpur Sind. His great Master was Avdut, Yogiraj Samarath Sat Guru Swami Mastramdev from Uttrakhand, India.

By doing Seva [selfless service] of teacher one day a voice came from my heart, INDIA means Inter Nationals Deepavali Is Atman. India word is full with self-realization. India word is of Braham Knowledge. If you see it carefully, all humans, animals, mammals and plants, trees, all are on the earth is like a burning lamp of Soul. All has the life like a burning oil-lamp seen in the Deepavali days. Deepavali comes once in the year but Inter Nationals Deepavali is Atman, is all the time till life exists on the earth. There after I got the meaning of God as Go over death and Love as Life of very essence. These are three seeds of Hum.

My master left his body on August 9, 1981 at Haridwar, Shri Parmanand Bhandar Kankhal Ashram, India. Before he died he told me, “Now you can go abroad”. Before, he used to say all the time “NO”. There after I came to St. Maarten on October 1982. I got a job in jewelry business.

Here I got the rest of the words meaning that become the formulas. When I joined them it became sentences, just like Mantras [room of meditation]. While meditating on sentences I got deep meanings. I recorded the realizations of the self. Like that it becomes a Book.