Realization of Six Words

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God word has three letters. G, o, d

G for ‘go’ means you have to go, you must go or you can go. So go must have the aim. First you must have the aim then you should know how to go. Then you can reach.

You are the Self; you can go with the knowledge. You have the power to go, because you know where to reach. All are the places of God. Where ever you reach that is the place of God that place existing in God.

Example: When you enter in the house that belongs to you. So where ever you be or go from door to hall and from hall to room or to kitchen or to bathroom you are in ‘own’ house. Where ever you sit or walk all existence is in ‘own’ house till you not leave the house for any work,

Same this world is God’s house. Wherever you go, walk, work all existence is in his house. From birth till death you are in the place of God. So how far is God from you? He is with you all the time.

This is what you have to realise I am with God, God is one with me. So I am supreme infinite eternal means absolute boundless never-ending. Eternal means presence, always presence. There is no past or future. Presence is all the time same that is the realization of God, I am alive.

So we are teaching you how to go over death is love that love which you want. All wishes desires are in love, you love wish and you love desire. So the job of love is to connect with the self. If you connect with the Self then your wish comes true.

The sooner you connect with the Self the sooner will materialize the wish or the desire. What you want? You want ‘Love’. I want is love. I need is love, my wish is love, I like is love. Your want, need wish desire, likes will not fulfil unless you become one with the Self. The job of love is to connect with the self and the Self is God. Understand very carefully it says openly God is love.

Love is actually nothing but God. Therefore God is love. Love has the power to materialise and give you what you want. You do the work in the world for what you want. How your want fulfils and materialise. First you have to work in the world. Work is what? Help the people by work. That work is here of go over death.  This is what you do not recognize. Thereafter you earn money.

So earned money is the power with that what you want to materialise so go and buy it. You want house, car, cloths, food, jewellery; wealth gaining of these things is called prosperity. When wish is fulfil what you get that is peace. So peace is ‘Shiva’ God. If you say I want Shiva means peace. You are happy? Yes.

So you have peace that peace is Shiva. Why not you be one with peace and become Shiva. If I say I am Shiva means I am peace. Yes I am peace is means I am Shiva in hidden form God is peace so you agree. If you be one with peace and you becomes peace then who is left? God is left. You are no other else, but you are peace. You are one second less peace, Shiva.

The aim is peace and the peace you have found. So first step is said go over death is love. You have to do the work of go over death this work is of love and the job of love is to connect what you want.

Example: You have an aim to go to job or to drop child at school. So you go with child. You have to cross the distance of the road. As soon as you move from the door of house the distance is dead. You go over the road like that distance is crossed or killed. But you are alive going over death of the road, of the distance of road.

You are death proof self or not? You know or do not know I am death proof, but the work is done of love. You love to drop the child at school. So you materialise and you reach at job place and you start to do the job you materialise. Food, cloth or what you need you pay for it again you go for work to make more money. This is all about God is love. Keep on doing the work till life goes back to the source that is God.

How to materialise? You know the work, job and the knowledge. Procedure is same. You materialise when you become one with the Self. I pay you 100. You want to give these goods? Yes. Take it. This is proof you have become one with the Self then pay then take then bring home. This is proof of materialization.

Be one with God and also you materialise your wish. Your wish is to have child then go and find the wife or your husband. Make love enjoy the bliss of material and have the child on one condition you both have to be one, wife and husband. In oneness is bliss. You have to do the work of oneness. Same for pay and smile is oneness.

Pay the bill of the cost is called oneness then you take the good from the store. All over you have to be one, one with the Self. The Self is shopkeeper and the Self is customer, both have to be one with the love. Love is money love makes two as one. God is one, the Self is one and the love is one. So God is love. This is the consciousness of the Self.

Leave the home and go and do your work with the knowledge is called go over death there you will earn love, which is money then with money pay the price of the cost then you see materialise your wish. Go over death of bill then you materialise. What was your wish or need or desire? You go in restaurant you order what is your wish to eat. Pay the price you get the food to eat. You materialises means you are not hungry. You are fulfilling. You are in peace and peace is God. You have learned now.


Is has two letters i, s.

Is ‘is’ the present tense, feeling of now, feeling of presence, realising existence. Is is the place of existence.

This is my wife or my husband. This is my brother or sister. This is my boy or girl. The education of the self shows ‘God is’ see it, realise it with the knowledge. Whatever you learn that is now. You cannot learn tomorrow, but you learn today that is now. Every day of your life is of today that is now. The day you were born when it was today. You grow big in the size of body that is in today.

You take admission in the school in today and then you say today I got admission in the school. Then every day you go to school. All happens in today. Like that you were married when it was today. Married days are declare of future dates, but when that day appears in today then all comes and attain wedding. Everything materialise in today.

Same it comes for death. You hear today he or she died. The news spread to family friends circle. Crimination of the body will be on such date when that date comes and happens today than it is done. Then only lot of well wisher you see at that time to give condolence.

So birth, life, death is seen only in today. See the chart of life.

You are alive in today that is what you have to learn, understand and realise. Eternal is, immortal is, so the God is, the Self is, the Soul is, the love is, the life is. Is is the place of today.

All future days will pass from today. Today is the proof of the life, the Soul in the body, the Self in the body. The God is with me; you know or do not know. Is is the place of infinite. Is is the eternal immortal. Know ‘is’ is the light that illuminate everything in the Maya. I am the light, I am the peace. I am the Self, I am the Soul, I am the life and I am the love. Now you realise God is love.

Is Soul, the Self of universal light? The Self is the Soul the consciousness that is existence of each.

You all are with me now. Now is called ‘Is Soul’ the Soul is.


Love has four letters l, o, v, and e.

Without love there is no life. The life exist the love exist. Everyone should know what the real actual meaning of love is. This love means the life of very essence. Very essence is our oneness, our Soul, our Self, our God, our peace, our prosperity, our eternalness, our immortelles and our everlasting.

Who do not know the meaning of very essence? They fall in limitations. Like desire what need likes this-this which is seen by eyes, known by mind, heard by ears. What you don’t have of the material things of the world that you want, that is your desires, wishes, needs, wants.

Example: House, car, clothes, jewellery, food, job, business, land and money.

Money is power with that you can buy anything of the world. Man’s mind is also material thing of the world.

What love has power know it carefully the job of love is to connect with the self. We have explained before very essence is the place of our Self, our Soul.

Example: God is love, but you put in the place of God, say girl then becomes girl is my love. Like that house is my love, boy is my love, husband is my love; wife is my love, child is my love, car is my love jewellery is my love.

Now love has to do her job to connect the self with the things. Boy love girl or girl love boy. So you see in the world then they become man and women after marriage.

I want piece of land. You pay and you get. You pay the price of land then you get the self of land and the soul of land. Same boy got the self of girl and the soul of girl. Same for girl, she got the self of boy and the soul of boy. The love did the job with her power. Like that everyone gets land, car, house, jewellery, cloths, shoes food etc.

Man is so busy after material things of the world, because love helps to have. After having she gives the peace, happiness and bliss. This we do not understand and we lose very soon vibrations place of the state. Peace means permanent silence of it.

We are the one do not know the meaning of peace, happiness and bliss. Once we get peace, happiness and bliss our mind becomes greedy ignorantly. Unknowingly keeps more and more desire, wishes. I want this then this then this then this. If anything is not received then becomes restless or angry or miserable or disappoint then lose the meaning and leave the practice.

Peace means end of the work, like you eat food then no hunger harass. You paid the taxes, you paid the rent and you return the principal amount etc. Then permanent silence of that activity is seen. Like paid the bill then becomes the permanent silence of that bill. This is a sample to realise what is the realization of permanent silence. So you all have experienced it. Wake up like that in the self, in the soul. Enjoy the blissful experience of permanent silence that is infinite peace that is oneness of very essence. [shant me anant hai means in silence is infinite]

Happiness means to be in bliss of peace. I got is the realization, confirmation of peace I received in the self, in the mind, in the soul. Again here is little high experience of peace that is also permanent silence of the activity. This is also sample to realize and wake up in the self. You enjoy the blissful experience of permanent silence that is infinite, peace that is oneness of very essence. [ shant me anant ka sach anubhave karee means have experience of infinite in silence.]

Bliss means you are in the state of self where you do not need anything else. No mind, no wish no desire, no wants, only I am in I am of oneness. This is the highest experience realization of the self in own. This is sample to realise what means the realization of permanent silence. This realization you have so many times in your life, especially to married couples.

Oneness is blissful and blissful is the highest happiness peace of the self. The sample we get is only to wake up in reality of the self. Come and enjoy the permanent silence that is infinite peace [shant me anant asa hota hai means peace in silence happens like that]

After that you don’t need little- little happiness of the material things of the world.

Peace + happiness + bliss = Jivan mukt person, librated man or alive in salvation on the earth.

Life of very essence is the picture you can have in your life that is ‘Alive’ in salvation on the earth that is of librated man. Learn from him or from her the real meaning of the life, how to live in the life of very essence.

I am Ramesh, so I am in the life of very essence that is male body and whatever I have with me in hand of the material world, I live in that living that can be of poor life, rich life, worker or Boss, I have house or live in rent house. I have car or goes by bus or by train.

I have very big house or very small house, so very essence of living is in that house. I have car so very essence of living is in that car driving. Life of car and life of no car, life of own house and life of rent house, life of own boss and life of worker, now you understand what means of very essence. Very essence is called the oneness, life of oneness.

Life of oneness in the self is highest, so in the soul, so in the love so in the eternalness.

If you live then know in which you live in the life of very essence, poor, rich, sad, sorrow, suffering or in happy or in bliss.

Power of love is in your hand. Where you want to switch that is in your hand. Do not switch unknowingly love power, otherwise you will be connect to that level of consciousness and you will have that place means that life of very essence. Suffering also has life of very essence. Desires also have life of very essence. Sick also have own life of very essence tension depression stress problems is like that.

So know the power, energy of love is to connect with the self. What you want knowingly or unknowingly it will connect with the self. What you do not want and you connect unknowingly then you are connect unknowingly with self of unknowingly where there your mind doesn’t have knowledge what is that and how to come out from that place.

Therefore once you got in the place of sufferings, you have to suffer. Unless someone gives help to bring you out from that place of sufferings same for diseases, same of loss, bankrupt business.

Do not ask or keep love which you do not have the knowledge or you do not need really that things means to say desire, wish or wants.

Keep desires what you need in your life. Do not be in the prison of that desire which you do not need really in your life.

One house you have one business you have, one wife or husband you have, two or three children you have. One or two car you have, you have good business and good bank balance the more for what you need? You do not like to give time to God, for your progress of the life. You do not want life of very essence of the self, of the soul, of the peace, happiness and bliss.

You have limited life time in the body. You must come out from all the bondages of the life circle. You must love to be ‘alive’ in salvation on the earth. Like a librated men. Then keep more desire wishes for the people to help them to give selfless service to the human kind.

Wake up them, inform and tell how the power of love energy works and connects to the self.

I got is the proof of love, life of very essence. Be happy and live forever in ‘alive’ salvation on the earth.


Soul has four letters, s, o, u, l. Each separate letter has word.

Self of universal light, the self is of universal light. This is the open realization in simple English language. The Self is the Soul and the Soul is the Self of universal light. Soul is the existence occupied of the wholeness. Infinite empty space full of peace, bliss, occupies is the self of universal light. The Upanishad calls Sat- Chit-Anand means Absolute, Consciousness and Bliss. Sat is fixed or Permanent, Chit is awareness and Anand-bliss is Soul.

The sentence of soul is self of universal light. The Self which is one full of oneness that Soul is second less, I am the Soul, not the body. I am the Self, not the body. I am Sat, not the body, I am Chit, not the body. I am Anand-bliss, not the body.

I have the body. I am not the body i.e. I have a watch I am not the watch. I am Sat-Chit-Anand. I am the Soul. I am the Self. I am the self of universal light. I am all over the universal light; the universal light is the knowledge with the light of universal light all shines.

All are seen in the light. [I am the one who create proof I want life partner. This I create even she agrees to create in herself as husband, the life partner. Both agree to create our nice healthy family life. So with love of oneness the child is created and she becomes the mother and he becomes the father. After waiting period of 9 months]

Soul is the place, existence of infinite empty space with full of light. The Soul is the self of universal light. The Soul is the whole.

Each and everything exist in the world has the Soul without the Soul can’t exist, can’t have the name and form.

Example: This is fan. So, fan has the Soul means existence of it form and the name of fan is the Self which we call. As per rule the self is of universal light. So the name of fan is the self. Everyone says fan. The Soul exists whole in the shape and form of the fan. If you remover the wing of fan then no one will call fan. If remover all parts of the fan then no shape and form [the self] of the fan is seen. No one will call fan because there is no Soul, no Self of fan exist in the name and form.

This is table because you see the shape and form. The table name has the soul and shape and form, look like table is the self of table. The table has the soul and the self though it is animate. The self of universal light of table has the existence in the world. The Soul can see the Soul. The Self can see the Self. I am can see I am. This is nice beautiful subject of the Soul.

I can see you all and all you can see me with your own eyes, why? I have the Soul in my body and I am the Self ‘Ramesh’ of this male body. So you all are same some are female some are male, but all have Soul and all have the Self, name of the body. You exist I exist where? In the hall and hall is of empty space. All of our bodies are fit still you see the gap of space in front of you. By the aisle, the empty space is the place of Soul therefore you of body can move freely, can sit on empty seat.

I want to ask you all are sitting on empty seat or on full seat? If the seat is full no one can sit on the person. Everyone is sitting on the empty seat. So you are the self sitting at empty space that is the Soul. That is the touch of Soul. The Self can touch the Soul.

Actually all are in the Soul, only you need knowledge you need the touch of consciousness which is alive of salvation. The knowledge of soul is the self of universal light.

Pen has the Soul of ink and body parts of pen with ink are called the Self that is the name Pen. If some parts are missing do you buy pen? No.

One Book God is love. The name is the self and the knowledge is written the self of universal light that is the Soul of the book. The self and the soul stay together. So buy it for your revision. I am the Self, the Soul you will realise.

If the Soul leaves the body then body falls on the ground then no one calls the Self. Harry is dead. All come to see. All come to witness, harry is dead then a/c is closed in the thought for that is condolence or sympathy.

If the Soul takes the birth in male or female body then we keep the name. The ‘live’ name is the self of body because the body has existing Soul. All come to witness. He is born or she is born. They bring good wishes of congratulation and gift for baby. Now the a/c is opened in their self he or of she. Hope all is clear.


Self has four letters that is s, e, l, f as see eternal life fully. As we have learned before Soul is the place of whole. Whole is empty place occupied with silence, peace and bliss infinite? No past or future exists that is called eternal life fully. This only the self can see, because of present moment.

This body of human life is so beautiful and amazing. In this body with the knowledge of soul you can see eternal life fully in the self. The Self is one Supreme oneness. The Self is the Soul and the Soul is the Self.

The Self is self lighted. To see self you do not need any other light. The self is self-luminous light. As in the sun light you see the things of the world. If there is no light then you see the dark darkness in front of you. Above, below, front and rear. All over you see deep in darkness.

How you see darkness? As per rule of the light in the light you see everything of the world so same with the self of universal light you see the sunlight as well as the darkness of the dark. With the self light you see both sunlight and darkness of the dark. This you do not realise nor recognize.

Like that you see listen hear smell touch know feel realise all is in the light of consciousness of the life.

Consciousness is awakened by the self of master who has the power of knowledge. Knowledge is made of the result of the work. Result of the experience. Work + know + realise = result, consciousness, experience. This is called the knowledge. The self exist in the knowledge or knowledge is made of the Self that is called the consciousness. This power of consciousness only exist in the body self of human form.

The Self is the all, the self knows, the self works, the self teaches and the self practice. The self gets the success; the self gets the prosperity and the self gets the abundance of happiness and bliss. The self satisfy in the self, the self is happy in own self.

The Self is one who loves the self. The Self keeps the wish, desire, needs, likes, wants. The self helps the self. The self takes the help form the self. The self like to live together, works together and enjoy the bliss of the self together.

The self of togetherness is called the peace and love. The self earns the self spends the self lives in the self. The self sleeps in the self. The self gives the birth from the self. Still no one knows the complete value of the self. What the Supreme Self is going to do no one knows.

Whole world is controlled by the karma. The real Self is uncontrolled by the karma. What the self-mind does the karma. So it happens, reaction in the world.

The self buys the goods then display at the shop. The self comes and buys and pays the price of the sale. This is called the control of karma. What you did so you get.

The big guys with the power of unity brings up and down the markets, but still do not know the consequence of the karmas, the Supreme Self gives the result of karma done by the mind then in the world prosperity or destruction happens.

Every shop buys the goods and display for the sale, but all are not making same amount of money. The place location counts.

Whom he wish, makes him rich, whom he wish makes him to beg. Whom he wish, begins to progress and whom he wish release him success. He is the Boss who has no loss he has the work all the time.

The Self is one, remains as one still no one knows. How he became many how self becomes he and she. Male and female are all over seen in the world in humans and in animal’s reptiles and birds etc. All over is the one Self in male female. That is Shive-Shiva means male God and female Goddess. God is love means God is He and love is She-Shakti means energy or power. All male is form of shiv and female is form of Shakti.

The self is of universal light. The universal light is the self, know the Self very well that ‘you are’


Life has four letters, l, i, f, e; love is full established is called the life. If there is no love full established then there is no existence of the life.

See it yourself. You are born, how? When mother father’s love is full established in oneness of the Soul that is the state of bliss, but this act is natural, pure for the birth of life to bring on the earth. For that reason Supreme Self-God has given proof on hand the self is the love, the self is the life, the self is the soul. The self is the Supreme God.

The bliss is the complete happiness of the love that is called the life. If you bring it in this way the bliss is the complete happiness of the life that is of very essence.

If you bring the sentence in this way to see eternal life fully is the Supreme God. To see eternal life fully is the prosperity, to see eternal life fully is the love. To see eternal life fully is the Soul’s life. To see eternal life fully is the Soul. To see eternal life fully is the bliss. To see eternal life full is the peace.

Today people of the world has misunderstood the meaning of the peace, the bliss, the prosperity, the love, the life, the self, the God, the Soul and the truth of existence which is in always present form [i.e. ‘is’]. There is no past or future.

What is now that is what you liked before and you will see coming in future what you have wished to see? Soon it will appear in your present form i.e. today. Every time all the time you see what you have wished to see it in ‘today’. In this birth or in next birth what you will get that will be in ‘today’ in your life.

Life is to see whatever was wish desire established in your today’s life [of past] that you see now and what was your love full established in today of past that you will see in future of today to come. This means today in the life you must be careful to wish good, not of bad, help as much you can help the people in now what you have the life of aliveness. Do good, only do good work then this will be your wish desire which will give you result in coming future life of today.

You want always peace, prosperity and abundance of happiness then start now to give peace to everyone as much you can give. Help the people of the world as much as you can then this will act/work will be your past and in coming future that will be of today then you see all over surrounding you the peace prosperity and abundance of happiness in your family friends relatives.

This life you will see of peace, of bliss of complete happiness. Where ever you put the hand or be in any place prosperity will follow you after. Success in your life will follow you after. All power of God will follow you after.

In this life you have unlimited power of the Self of the mind, of the Supreme God. This no other life is to have. Only man-mind can wish for it, keep desire of it but do not know how to achieve then is no success.

The success secret is all open in front of you. You are hungry then what you have to do? The work is simple. Take food by your finger and put it in your mouth is that very easy by your hand. Then chew it by your mouth and allow food to enter in stomach. This act was in your present form. Food gone in belly becomes the past of the seconds, minutes. Now you do not eat more, because belly is full of food.

Now for six hours coming to you of future today’s time you are fulfil happy and you see peace in yourself, in your mind, in your live life of today. After passing six hours of present today you become hungry, because it was informed after every six to eight hours you will be hungry that is the agenda of daily life in the world.

So morning is fixed breakfast, afternoon is fixed lunch and after evening is fixed dinner.

So every today happens you have to face it these three situations breakfast, lunch and dinner. Whomever you call you have to arrange this three things.

So to arrange you have to buy grocery and bring at home for all that you have to pay. Before you pay you have to work in the world, save money then call whomever you have to call.

The day everyone has to see. Like that whole world is running.

Every day you have to go on work to make money that is the work of today. This today’s work soon becomes the past of yours life. What was your wish desire in today that becomes the future so the past wish desire gives the life in you there is actually no future? The future is changeable what you do in present today in life that becomes the past of today wish desire you did that will become the future of your life that future comes in your today’s life.

If you eat food now, today then see the picture you are happy for six to eight hours. After you comes hungry. You need food. You have to arrange food in advance. This mean you have to work in the world and keep hold money to spend for future. Expenses of life are for everyone. Do good, will become past that will come back in coming days in your life, because that was your good wish desire to help, then soon you see help in your life.

Do good and see he is the best for you.

You will have a peace in you.