Theory of God is Love

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First book is “One Book God is Love” with three subtitles:

1) Learn God is Love 2) Know God is Love and 3) Realise God is Love.

Learn God is Love is a full theory of ‘Hidden Universe Message’ about how the sentence came out from the spelling of a word.

One sentence “God is Love”, gives 73 hidden universe messages; each step of sentence opens the door of wisdom. Realization is amazing!

In whole five sections has come out a] God is Love, b] Love is Love, c] Love is God, d] God is God and e] Is, the center of God and Love.

Learn how to go over death, before your death. This is the secret key of the Book. This is the key of Mercy Master. Each sentence has beautiful way of explanation, very easy to understand.

In the chapter you will learn how to ‘go over death’ and find the Soul, eternal life, self of universal light, life of very essence, God, Soul God and how to learn love is full established in the life.

Know God is Love has 73 new hidden universe messages: each step of sentence open the door of deep wisdom. Realization is Unique!

In the chapter you will come to know how you are Death-proof Self, Consciousness, Bliss and you’re alive living of existence.

Realise God is Love gives the awareness of the Self and the realization of God is Love.

Second book of series is “I Am the Self”

The knowledge is not new, but the path is beautiful gorgeous modified in today’s language. Easy to understand 73 hidden universe messages of the Self. Realization of I Am is great wonderful!

In the book you will see, who am I, what is, I, how is ours, Gods life of oneness, how I am infinite, and how I am everlasting, peaceful Self.

Third book of series “Do Your Work”, is really ocean of positivity.

Positivity is peace, happiness and bliss all you get by doing work complete with the knowledge. This book has 73 new hidden universe messages, full of strength, full of intellect. Realization is of total Love!

Once you get this fulfillment ‘Life of success’ then you will realize how to live, work and stay together with love in this One World.

This One World is of One God, be as liberated man, happy man and spread happiness in all humans in the world. All are “Happy Soul” in this human body.

Everyone’s real religion is of peace, prosperity, health, wealth and success. All humans are of one society that is of “BLISS”.

These three books are based on HUM, you will find total 292 Hidden Universe Messages of ‘God is Love’.

The knowledge has come out for all of us. Whether we choose to accept it or not is in our own hands.