Six Assets of Life

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We all have six assets of life in our life only we do not know how to unfold it.

Progress has a life, Prosperity has a life, Health has a life, Wealth has a life, Success has a life and Happiness has a life.

All these lives are not outside in the world, but all are inside of us in everyone.

How to find in us that work everyone has to do. The only great mantra, the way for that is “Go over death, is love”. (Read more: One Book God is Love)

Secret key is ‘Go over death’. When you read this or hear this then it looks impossible, no one can go over death, while alive? But, that is only the possible, after death is not possible for any one. Whatever work is of human in the life that is of ‘present moment’. This present moment of time you lose means you lose the time in the life forever.

Example: If you are hungry now then you eat food now or after death? You sleep wake work and earn before death or after death? Then understand in present moment you do the work and you get the result. A work is a must to do in the life. Without work finish you can’t get anything in the life. (Read more: Do Your Work, third series of God is Love book).

In simple English we say, cross the road complete or do your work complete. Do it as it has been told. This is the meaning to go over death of a work. Death means nothing is left, all is finished.

Secret key ‘Go over death’ works with the right point of connection and gives the life of progress.

Q: Where the life of progress lives?
A: “In admission, in address, in connection with someone”
Example: When child is born does not know where he or she will go to school. School doesn’t know which child is going to come to learn.

In the world is, the Mother and Father of the Universe. He or She does all the work in the world behind each of us. He is all male connection and She is all female connection on the earth.

Mother and father of a child see, now my child has grown up to 5 ages. They go nearby school or famous school for admission. The school never gives admission to parents, but to a child. The child gets permission from the school to come and learn in the class.

This opens the door of progress for the child’s education. Now the Mother and Father of the universe do the work invisible for all children. At every school in the world a child goes to learn.

When school opens the door on that day-time, child is brought in the school by parents and leaves with the teacher in the class.

Now the teaching of education starts. Teacher teaches and the child hears. This is the secret point of progress. In the presence of teacher with the students, take the place of learn. The knowledge flows from the self of teacher to the self of student.

In the teacher is the Mother of universe, education Goddess which gives the knowledge via the mouth of teacher. Space is the presence which helps to flow education in the language and enters in the mind of students by ear. Like that the child learns in the school is called progress of education.

Any child who do not get admission in the school due to some problem, like illegal in the country, no money to pay the fees or some other reason the child run away from the class then the child can’t get education.

His or her progress of education is blocked forever, but the time age never waits for anyone it keeps on growing big and big in the life.

This proves the admission in school is the secret point of progress for education.

Admission gives connection and connection gives permission. Which opens the door of learn. Address is the place where to reach for progress. Connection with the teacher gives the knowledge that is the life of progress.

Q: Where the life of prosperity lives?
A: Approach, do home work, revise, do practice.
Example: Where progress lives there prosperity begins. After learn, the child understand in the self then the teacher gives ‘water and food’ to grow in education that is the life of prosperity. All students get home work of the subject, to do at home for revision and for practice.

As the child does homework complete, he or she begins to prosperous in education. After learn is know. Now the child knows what means what in the subject.

The child approach everyday at time in the class and does all homework, revise the subject and do the practice. Now the door of prosperous is opened forever. He or she knows the answers of subject.

Who do not do homework complete nor do revision then his or her prosperity is blocked forever in the life. Child is going to school, but no interest in study, is no life of prosperity.

Parents help do the great work to finish homework with the child. Like that life of prosperity comes back in the child. I know of confidence comes in the child.

Q: Where the life of health lives?
A: The prosperity in education opens the door of Health. Everyday attains the class and do homework of the teacher brings the life of health in education. The child gets very good marks or grade that is the health of education.

Health comes of education by understanding the whole lesson of subject. What was told to do homework in that direction the work was done? Never lose any days homework. Student is always in touch with teachers advice what he or she says, obeys the order. This complete of work brings the perfect health of education in the self.

Who do not remember means his health is blocked, he or she has forgotten. When revision is done then immediately remembers and gains back the life of health.

This proves revision and practice brings back the health of study. This work must be done every day in the school days.

Q: Where the life of wealth lives?
A: The healthy persons make the wealth. Sick can’t work and can’t make the wealth. Whose work is healthy clean and according to the direction of teacher he or she becomes the wealthy in education.

12 months of study in school done step by step, all homework, all knows the answers of question, all lessons are learned, known, understood and did practice. This is a proof wealth of education he or she has.

When exams come and questions are asked then the child writes on blank paper. He or she puts whole of the self of it in the correct form with all the answers.

Who is not wealthy in education he or she can’t pays the price of questions. May pay little price with answers for question then gets very little marks or grade.

Who are healthy and wealthy by reading the question, all answers are found in the self and puts on the paper as a proof. This proof helps the examiner that a child knows all in correct form. What he or she has learned from the teacher?

The examiner gives the grade or marks according the answers he or she has written on the paper means that much of wealthy in education is seen. He or she is smart, intelligent; genius can help the people in the job, in the work or in the world. This gives the proof of grades in mark sheet or in the report book. This is the life of wealth.

Q: Where the life of success lives?
A: He or she enter in the school from 1st grade, now reached and crossed the 12th grade of school this is the real picture of ‘gone over death’ of each class. From 1st to 2nd grade then 3rd to 12th grade final. He or she comes out with success.

Now school says go to university if you want to go for further study or go to job, office or any work you get in the world. You can do it and have progress in same way as you did in school. Use ‘go over death’ of secret key in any work, you will get success in the work, in the life and in the living with 100% guarantee, but be with the teacher of that field.

The real meaning of success is, student never remain student in the school. Student becomes one with the teacher then gives the exams and gets the success; otherwise there is no way of success in the life for student.

Rule of success: Go over death is love. When all leave home then all goes over death of the road complete with the direction of the place where to reach and all reach their place, because place is love or work is love.

If the road is left unfinished, a person can’t reach the place or can’t see the place. Arrived safe means gone over death of the road is complete.

When Progress brings prosperity in the work then you get health of work then wealth of work then success of work.

The life of success can open your own business and be boss of own. You know the rule progress prosperity health wealth and success are not out in the world, but are in everyone of us.
Q: Where the life of happiness lives?
A: Living in success is happiness means to say as you live in home and work in job is ‘living in happiness’. Happiness is not somewhere in the world, but in all of us.

Look at those who live in home, but do not have work or job, they can be in happiness? Who are well educate with degree, they live in home, but do not work on low salary, if they get job, they are also seen unhappy.

Start from somewhere and be in job or work. All six assets are in you and live with you. Use this formula of ‘go over death’ is love. One by one, progress you will get in work, prosperity you will get health wealth you will get and success you will get then happiness is your birth right to have it and live with it. Only you have to unfold in you, in the job or in any work you get. Diamond will shine in all places where it stays. Sooner or later all will come to know the value of a person.

The Mother and Father of universe, is all over to help you. I again repeat they are with you only to help you. Start from somewhere and be in job or in work you get then from boat to boat you can shift and reach to your destiny where you want to reach in the job or in the work.

Happiness is the life of oneness. Happiness is I Am and I Am is the Self or knows that God is Love, is the perfect form of Happiness.

Only understand Love. Love means live together, stay together and helps each other. This is only the formula to bring ‘You’ in the house of happiness.

House of happiness: Everyone knows how to love. Love is natural and happen love natural, but how to live together in love, all have to learn then how to stay together in the life with love all have to learn then how to help each other whole life in trouble, in any kind of problem with love that also have to be learned. If it is not learn love in living then happiness will disappear of love forever in the life.

To bring this great awareness we are talking of six assets to unfold in our life. Progress is nothing, but one portion of happiness, prosperity is nothing but second portion of happiness, health is nothing but third portion of happiness, wealth is nothing but fourth portion of happiness, success is nothing, but fifth portion of happiness. Living in success is itself sixth portion of complete happiness.

So love is the real picture of happiness and happiness is the full and final picture of love. In this you should not make a mistake in understanding.

Happiness is ‘I Am the Self’. Whom we call it the Soul (Read more: ‘I Am the Self’ book, second series of God is Love)

Have God means have secret key of ‘Go over death’ in the self and understand carefully how to use in the work and in the life. Have all six assets of life in your life first then help your children, give this knowledge, treasure of God is Love, because they are perfect future of this world.

Happiness is everyone’s birth right to have and live with it in this beautiful world where Mother and Father of the Universe lives together with all of us. This is the ‘One World of One Family’.

Come out from the life of unhappiness and learn to live in this present moment of life. This is the life of God in our life therefore said God is Love. (More to watch website:
R T Narwani.