Do Your Work Formula

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A. GOD IS LOVE (1) Do your work is love (2) Do your work complete is love ii) Do your work is [the] best love iii) Do your work is [the] best success iv) Do your work is best [and] … Continued

I Am the Self Formula

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A. God is Love 1] I is love 2i] I Am is love ii] I is infinite love iii] I is infinite life of oneness iv] I is infinite peaceful life of oneness v] I is everlasting infinite love vi] … Continued

Know God is Love Formula

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A. GOD IS LOVE (1) Go over death is love Death-proof Self + is + love i.e. Death-proof self is love. (2) Go over death is soul love Death-proof Self + Existence + love i.e. Death-proof self’s existence is love. … Continued

Hidden Universe Message of God is Love

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Each word of “GOD IS LOVE” has its separate meaning as follows: G = GO                                                       I = IS                                              … Continued

Formula of God is Love theory

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God = Go over death [i.e. Death-proof self] = I = Do your work Is = Is Soul [i.e. Existence] = Am = Complete Love = Life of very essence [i.e. Bliss] = Life of Oneness = Success Soul = … Continued

Six Assets of Life

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                               We all have six assets of life in our life only we do not know how to unfold it. Progress has a life, Prosperity has a life, Health has a life, Wealth has a life, Success has a life and … Continued

Theory of God is Love

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First book is “One Book God is Love” with three subtitles: 1) Learn God is Love 2) Know God is Love and 3) Realise God is Love. Learn God is Love is a full theory of ‘Hidden Universe Message’ about how the sentence … Continued

How I was Inspired

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How I was inspired to write “God is Love” Namaste! To all of you this is a welcome greeting from India which gave me the inspiration to write the book, God is Love. The word India is itself the knowledge … Continued

Ramesh Narwani's Biography

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I Ramesh Narwani, born on August 25, 1952 at Mumbai, India; Studies: School degree in Sindhi language. In my school days at the age of 11 my mother took me at 3.30 pm to meet teacher. I remembered it was … Continued

Universal Hidden Messages

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He = High Energy She = Super High Energy Loss = Lost of Self Soul or Supreme Soul Profit = Progress ‘real of future’ in time Help = Have endless love (and) peace or have eternal love (and) peace Bliss … Continued

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